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About Me
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My name is Niko. I’m the Data Reporter at Spectrum, an autism news website for researchers. I'm also a current M.A. journalism student in the SHERP program at New York University. As a programmer, journalist, and former synthetic biologist, my goal is to share science with others by blending stories with interactive data visualizations. This website was constructed from raw HTML, CSS and JavaScript files.

  • Job: Journalist / Programmer
  • Location: New York City
  • E-mail: nsmccarty3@gmail.com
Writing Things
August 2021 - present
Data Reporter, Spectrum

Using code and words to tell engaging, interactive stories about autism. Python for investigations and exploratory analysis, front-end technologies for story-building.

May 2021 - August 2021
Intern, Spectrum

Writing and reporting stories about autism and neurotechnology, 30 hours/week.

May 2021 - present
Multimedia Editor, Scienceline

Oversee and edit articles containing data graphics, videos and audio. Also, reporting and writing about science and technology for this digital publication run by New York University's SHERP program.

Jan 2021 - May 2021
Intern, Retraction Watch

Writing and reporting stories about retractions and academic misconduct for this website.

Nov 2020 - May 2021
Managing Editor, Scienceline

Oversee sections, monitor site analytics, schedule publishing. Also, reporting and writing about science and technology for this digital publication run by New York University's SHERP program.

Aug 2020 - Present
Cell Crunch

Writing a weekly newsletter on synthetic biology research and preprints (~2000 readers); Production on Substack

Jan 2019 - Feb 2020

Covering everything from synthetic indigo to yeast-made silk, DNA synthesis and carbon recycling with microbes. Read my articles

Sep 2020 - Dec 2021
New York University

M.A. in Journalism | Science, Health and Environmental Reporting Program

Sep 2018 - May 2020
California Institute of Technology (Caltech)

M.S. in Bioengineering | Rob Phillips lab

Sep 2017 - Sep 2018
Imperial College London

MRes in Systems & Synthetic Biology | Fulbright Scholar | R. Ledesma-Amaro & Tom Ellis labs

Aug 2013 - May 2017
University of Iowa

B.S. in Biochemistry | E. Dale Abel lab

Published Research

Ireland WT, Beeler SM, Flores-Bautista E, McCarty NS, Röschinger T, Belliveau NM, Sweredowski MJ, Moradian A, Kinney JB, Phillips R. “Deciphering the regulatory genome of Escherichia coli, one hundred promoters at a time.” eLife (2020). Read

McCarty NS, Graham AE, Studena L and Ledesma-Amaro R. “Multiplexed CRISPR technologies for gene editing and transcriptional regulation.” Nature Communications (2020). Read

Riehle C, Weatherford ET, Wende AR, Jaishy BP, Seei AW, McCarty NS, Rech M, Shi Q, Reddy GR, Kutschke WJ, Oliveira K, Pires KM, Anderson JC, Diakos NA, Weiss RM, White MF, Drakos SG, Xiang YK and Abel ED. “Insulin Receptor Substrates Differentially Exacerbate Insulin-Mediated Left Ventricular Remodeling.” JCI Insight (2020). Read

McCarty NS, Shaw WM, Ellis T and Ledesma-Amaro R. “Rapid Assembly of gRNA Arrays via Modular Cloning in Yeast.” ACS Synthetic Biology (2019). Plasmids on Addgene. Read

McCarty NS and Ledesma-Amaro R. “Synthetic Biology Tools to Engineer Microbial Consortia for Biotechnology.” Trends in Biotechnology (2019). Featured in the Trends Collection on Communication. Read

Riehle C, Scharf GM, Sieweke JT, Zauner F, Flierl U, Treptau J, Zormpas C, Senf J, McCarty NS, Bauersachs J, Sedding DG and Westhoff-Bleck M. “Leukocytoclastic Vasculitis Associated with Endocarditis in a Patient with Transposition of the Great Arteries and Mechanical Valve Replacement.” Cardiovascular Pathology (2017). Read

McCarty NS, Razo-Mejia M and Phillips R. “Genetic Barcodes Enable Quantitative Mapping of Operator Mutants to Gene Expression” Biophysical Journal (2020). Abstract for the Biophysical Society meeting, San Diego, CA. Read

Beal J, et al. “Comparative analysis of three studies measuring fluorescence from engineered bacterial genetic constructs (2021), Interlab contributor. PLOS ONE. Read

Web Skills
  • HTML
  • CSS/Sass
  • JavaScript
  • D3.js
  • Python (Scraping, Cleaning Data)
  • Adobe Illustrator/Audition/After Effects
  • React (Learning Phase!)
Misc. Skills
  • Science writing
  • Web hosting
  • Responsive design
  • Static & interactive data visualizations
  • Animations in Illustrator/After Effects or with JavaScript
  • Audio Mixing
Some Random Awards